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9 benefits of locally sourced food every food business needs to know

There was a time when people trusted big corporations. Their name was enough to believe their products were of good quality. 

But after the great recession, people started doubting the large industries. They began questioning ingredients and the general process of making the products. 

This newly discovered disdain for big companies has paved the way for local companies to grow and put themselves in the spotlight. 

Many local businesses benefit from working with local suppliers. A study by Thomas Net found that 72% of companies always or usually prefer locally sourced products. 

There are many reasons behind that, but just the fact that companies can call themselves «completely local» is a win for them.

Local food means products distributed within a 100-150 mile range of where they were grown, according to the USDA’sUSDA’s definition.

These numbers are just a generalization. There is no actual rule, but most agree that it refers to food produced and distributed regionally.

So the total distance that the product was transported is less than 400 miles from where it was raised or grown.

Below you will find many benefits of locally sourced products.

1. Shows commitment

Being a local business is good for the local economy. However, you can potentialize this benefit even more if you join forces with other local businesses.

Suppose you show that you are committed to everything local. In that case, customers will notice your good intentions and pick you over the rest.

Remember, your business has to have a soul and a purpose. Customers notice that. 

You need to put your best efforts into supporting your local community. They will support you in return.

2. Shared goals

The thing about large corporations is that they usually have many investors who think about short-term profit. Small companies are not up to taking that risk.

Your local business should work with people with the same goals and philosophy so you can see eye to eye and benefit equally from each other.

Local suppliers often make decisions thinking about their customers, staff, and the long-term benefits. As should you.

3. Flexibility

Large corporations have a tendency to be overly strict with their operations.

Local suppliers, on the other hand, tend to be more flexible. A strong relationship with other companies in the supply chain is vital to them, so they will be more tolerant when it comes to terms and agreements. 

4. Environmentally friendly

Using locally sourced products helps the environment because you reduce transport and storage. Optimizing these two steps will reduce emissions and energy usage. 

It does not only contributes to green manufacturing, but also enhances your relationship with the customer. They will be more confident about your product. 

Nowadays, it is very popular to buy products that have clean labels. These explain the origin of the products and provide transparency, which is something that people love. 

So it is one important step to call yourself sustainable.

This new interest in clean labels won’t disappear, so sooner or later, you will need to make these decisions or fall behind.

5. Likability

Local is linked to fresh and good for you. For example, many people prefer to go to local food markets instead of a standard grocery store. 

Smaller farms who sell at locals farmer’s markets find that most of their customers are also locals who want to buy from them directly. 

These customers are willing to pay an even higher price just to ensure that what they are eating comes straight from the source.

These are people that care about nutrition and what goes into their bodies. 

That’s why going local is so important to restaurants and other businesses. These types of customers want that kind of quality everywhere they go.

6. More control

For local owners, it is best to know the growing pattern for the product they are sourcing. 

Also, the fact that local suppliers are closer means the products are delivered quickly, and there’s less stress about meeting demand.

The further away you are from your supply chain, the harder it is to keep control of it. 

Face-to-face visits allow you to address concerns and ensure that the product you are buying is up to standard.

7. Decreased supplychain costs

Tightening your supply chain is a great way to reduce your budget. Unfortunately, the amount of money companies spend on logistics is through the roof.

Businesses send and receive products all over the world, this costs a lot of money. 

These products have to be stored at warehouses until they are shipped to the supplier or customer. 

If you find a local supplier, these costs can drop dramatically because logistics are faster, and you get to skip many steps.

8. Good for the community

Locally sourcing is not just good for you. It will impact your community as well. 

If you keep everything local, then everyone around you will grow and benefit from it. 

Well-paid employees are more likely to invest in local businesses. It also helps your reputation grow as a community business. 

In addition, you will be able to do fundraisings, volunteer, and do locally sponsored events.

9. Healthbenefits

Locally sourced food is often pesticide-free. Local farmers use organic repellants to preserve the quality of the food. 

Since it doesn’t require long trips to be transported, it is also preservative-free. The food comes fresh because it is actually fresh, not because of chemicals of any sort.

You are getting more nutrients because you get food that is harvested seasonally.

Also, the fewer steps between you and your supplier, the risk for contamination decreases, so food will be safe to eat.


At ITSI we take locally sourced food very seriously. We made a commitment to offering only the best quality to our customers.

Our philosophy is that everything has to be done with intention. Everything else will follow.

Our invitation is for you to help yourself and your community. Go local!

If you are a business owner or someone interested in eating clean, give local businesses a chance. It is time to take control of our own economy and help each other grow.

You can also come to I Think She Is and enjoy fresh food and fantastic coffee. We are open Monday to Saturday from 8:45 am to 4:00 pm.

Also, you can always order online.

We hope to see you soon!


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