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Speciality coffee shop located in the heart of Miami

She is a Coffee Blogger

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9 benefits of locally sourced food every food business needs to know

1. Shows commitment 2. Shared goals 3. Flexibility 4. Environmentally friendly 5. Likability 6. More control 7. Decreased supplychain costs 8. Good for the community 9. Healthbenefits

The espresso: A story

How is it made? The drink  Origin The invention of the espresso The «ideale» Modern day-espresso More machines Espresso at itsi Let’s have a cafecito!

Facts you need to know about coffee if you want to brew your own at home

The roasting date Does fresher mean better  Temperature The water Freestyle it

How to choose the perfect coffee for you?

1. Roast Date  2. Roast Level  3. Blend or single origin  4. Origin selection  5. Varietals  6. Coffee species: Arabica vs. Robusta  7. Processing 

I Think She Is Special

Pss… Remember, you can always order online if you can’t make it to us.  

Locally roasted coffee

We invite you to come and taste our different options.

The key to a coffee shop that feels like home (owner spotlight)

Not a random coffee shop A Passionate expression There’s no I in team We are from everywhere About specialty coffee La colada You are welcome to come and make it home

5 things you need to know about locally roasted coffee

What is locally roasted coffee? The process It is as fresh as it gets Fairtrade with farmers Damaging diseases and pets Climate change It’s a very hard job Price fluctuations Supports the local economy Friendly with the environment Deforestation and soil damage Waste Pesticides Local roasters and sustainability Come try it!

Learn more about specialty coffee with ITSI

What is specialty coffee? The process: The lifecycle of the bean The coffee farmer The green coffee buyer The roaster The Barista The Consumer How to brew coffee? Specialty coffee at ITSI

Why are we called I think she is?

«She is a way of looking at life» «She is a space» «She is a feeling» «She is a taste of something» «She is the little things» «She is an idea» «Did it make sense?»