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Why are we called I think she is?

Many ask us why we are called «I think she is.» Turns out there’s not really a specific meaning. Our name is many things that translate into everything that’s in the coffee shop. 

Think about it as our easy way of getting out of actually naming it and just let you name it every time you come. 

For example, maybe you had the best coffee ever that day, so you think she is special, or you met someone you ended up liking, so you think she is magical. Cool, right?

I Think she is’ owner thought about the name as a concept, like something that would describe everything. 

So basically, «She» is the coffee shop itself, and you can’t really name it. You can’t just assign a word to something that means so much. 


«She is a way of looking at life«

When you come through our door, you quickly realize ITSI didn’t settle for just one idea. The essence of the shop resides in diversity and joy. 

Being a local coffee shop, Miami means a lot to us. And there’s no Miami without recognizing that we’re lucky enough to have people from everywhere that make up our whole community. 

We love the idea of being a part of something and helping out to make it grow and be better. 

Belonging is not overrated. It actually feels good and is a big deal because we all do better as a community when we all put effort into everything we do.

And that’s how ITSI sees life, as a mixture of things that make a whole, and they’re beautiful and worth sharing. So coffee to us is a way of coming together as one and enjoying good times with our people, and by that, we mean everyone who crosses the door. 


«She is a space«

One of the keys to making a place «homey» is to recognize it as a space. 

There is one meaning of space that we love: «the area around everything that exists, continuing in all directions»

Space is broad, endless. It surrounds us and just exists. It kinda sounds deep, but it’s actually just true. 

So, how do you make a portion of space feel like home? Walls just don’t cut it. You need to make it yours.

You dress it up, you put up stuff that matters to you, you play music, and you hope that someone likes it. 

So basically, you start by saying this place means nothing until I make it mean something, and then you do. 

ITSI is that kinda space to us. We look at it and go, «yeah, that’s it,» and we try to make our customers feel the same way. That’s why we have food from everywhere, colors, art, music, and just the best vibe ever. 


«She is a feeling«

When creating a restaurant or a coffee shop concept, it’s always hard to come up with something that sums up its whole spirit. 

So we decided to just let it flow, let it create itself. ITSI is about a feeling, something that invades you every time you sip your coffee, or when you go through the pieces at the art studio, and when you eat breakfast or spend the whole day working here. 

It’s how you feel in every way, living in the moment, just existing.

I think she is feels new to us, like something to discover, and every time we look at it, something different catches our eye. 

It feels like love when we see friends, family, couples, children, pets, or even just one person doing their own thing, because alone is not the same thing as lonely, and it also brings joy.

It feels like art. Everything comes together, creating a vibe that you won’t find anywhere else, something so special and unique that the only way to describe it is like that: a feeling.


«She is a taste of something«

Can’t forget about the food and the coffee. That’s the whole point.

When creating a menu, it is essential to keep in mind that it’s not about us. It’s about the customer. So why are we doing this? What would make someone happy? Are we giving them the best quality? 


ITSI is the taste of a fresh sandwich on your lunch break, a hot cup of coffee right after waking up, and a busy day ahead. It’s the taste of strength, joy, hope, comfort, and company.

Our specialty coffee is our pride and joy because it’s not the easy way. It’s the best way. We get to serve you the best cup of coffee and the freshest food there is.

Everything local, everything straight from the source, that’s the taste we’re looking for.

Want to see it? Take a look at our menu and check out our hand-picked, never seen before, ready to be eaten by you, options.


«She is the little things«

ITSI evokes the moments when you’re not really looking, but then something pops up, and you fall in love. 

The book that caught your eye and you had to buy even if you didn’t end up reading it. 

Those flowers on the way home that you just had to take with you.

A smile, a compliment from a stranger, a piece of advice from someone you love. 

The word on the tip of your tongue that you heard once and it reminds you of something nice.

When you come to ITSI, you can discover a million little things: art pieces, a cool object, the prettiest book, food you have never tried before, colors you didn’t know went well together, and we hope it makes you happy.


«She is an idea«

She’s the final result of a good thought. She is able to effect change, move mountains, and defy all odds. 

Because she lives in our minds, we make it real by adding things we love, hearing feedback from our customers, and doing something about it.

By understanding that everything changes but not the essence of it all.

ITSI is everything that has come together to make it what it is today, a coffee shop where everyone is welcome and good coffee and food is served.


«Did it make sense?«

We hope it did but not entirely. Part of the magic is finding out the meaning yourself. 

This might be the cheesiest blog we’ll ever write, so enjoy this exclusive piece of writing for inspiration when you need a push to create something you love.

Maybe now, when you come, you can find things you never saw before. Perhaps you can skip your regular order and try something new and see how that hits. 

So come visit us and let us share our good vibes with you. We are open from Monday to Saturday from 7:45 am to 5:30 pm and on Sundays from 8:45 am to 4 pm. 

If you can’t make time, order online, and you’ll have your meal at your doorstep. 

PS: Remember, things and words only have meaning when you give it to them


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