Our Story
Our Story

the magic behind the story

"It's to include in a few words, what I can express in a small place where I feel good, where I would like to share with my family & friends and all those things that I like, it could be interesting for you too perhaps. We are definitely more than a coffee shop."

we are more than a coffee shop

At ITSI we embrace being different. We are a place where you can be yourself. We take pride in our amazing community and share the values of: Acceptance, Love, Respect, Trust, Kindness, and overall: Good Vibes.

We are a safe space, we are art lovers, we are a community.

ITSI it’s a place where you can find little pieces of your favorite things, gum? skateboard? love? We got all.

she is classic, she likes quality

She is a classic soul. We offer amazing 100% organic cotton shirts and hoodies that symbolize how simplicity is elegance.

" At ITSI we are a family. We take the best values and try to deliver them to every single person that crosses our door. We accept, we celebrate each other and we thrive together".


Welcome to Gaspard, an online haven for true coffee lovers.