Specialty Coffee Shop

Locally roasted coffee

Being a local coffee shop, we care about our community and the products we offer.

We put special care when picking the source of our food, and especially our coffee. We make our brew with locally roasted beans.

When you roast coffee locally, you get to ground and package it shortly after it is roasted.

So you can be sure that your coffee is as fresh as it gets when you drink it.

Do you love the smell of coffee? Wait until you try a freshly roasted one. You won’t go back.

Quality beans need a lot of dedication. Farmers take their time and effort to grow and pick the best beans.

Fairtrade is important because farmers do not have it easy. They have to face a lot of difficulties to do their job.

So it is vital to consider it when buying coffee. Small decisions could have a significant impact on someone’s life.

The money you spend on a local business will help local producers and also create local jobs.

This also means that, little by little, we will create a strong community with fair prices and constant growth.

At I Think She Is we are passionate about sharing. Behind everything we do, there’s an intention and a reason.

It’s just a cup of coffee, but it means the world to us and to the people who take part in the process that leads to the final stage, brewing the coffee and serving it to you. 

We invite you to come and taste our different options.


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