Specialty Coffee Shop

The key to a coffee shop that feels like home (owner spotlight)

Like every coffee shop, ITSI has an owner that thought selling coffee was a good idea. But, unlike every coffee shop, he took it further and made it about more than coffee. He made it about the community. 

To understand ITSI, we need to understand the mind behind it. Today, we share his insights to inspire anyone who reads it. 

The following are thoughts and ideas from ITSI’s owner that we think really catch our coffee shop’s soul.


Not a random coffee shop

Coffee shops are not just places to get a cup of coffee. They can be an escape from the hustle and bustle or a place where you can gather with friends for hours on end. 

ITSI is about a good time, a place where you can spend morning through afternoon and have everything you need.

Music, art, fantastic food, and coffee. You can work at ITSI, make friends, or be by yourself, knowing you’re making the best of your day.

A Passionate expression

Family, art, life, friends, we all find joy in that, but what can we do to show our happiness? to give back? 

Every single thing we have to offer has to have intention behind it, so it matters.

If we focus on doing what we do with passion, respect, and honesty, we can make every instant become a precious one.

We sell coffee, but not random coffee. Instead, we chose specialty coffee because it gives back to the people who spend their lives harvesting the perfect bean.

Our food is locally sourced because we feel the need to support it as part of the community.

We have an art gallery because beauty is everywhere, and everyone deserves to be noticed. 

We have music because it feeds the soul.

And all these decisions come together to offer you the best experience.


There’s no I in team

Being part of a community is a gift, and to feel like you belong is even more special. 

That’s why everything in ITSI is made and thought to help out and thank the community. 

Do you ever feel like you go into a restaurant or a shop and feel out of place? Nothing feels familiar, and you wish you had stayed home.

ITSI was made to be an extension of the community. Everyone can come and go feeling like they belong.

We believe that to be special, you don’t have to change your essence. You just have to give it your best.


We are from everywhere

We like to think that ITSI is a piece of universal culture, a magic place where you can let loose. 

Drink a coffee, read a book, share laughs with friends. But also explore and meet new people.

When you are from Miami, you are from everywhere. Our coffee shop is a place where you can find pieces of the world scattered around and maybe find something that belongs to you.


About specialty coffee

We like everything unique, we pay attention to every detail, and our favorite asset is our specialty coffee.

Specialty coffee is very close to our hearts because the final product results from many people who are dedicated to giving you the best coffee.

The lifecycle of the coffee bean involves many people who play an essential role in the whole process:

  • The coffee farmer
  • The green bean buyer
  • The roaster
  • the barista
  • The consumer

Isn’t it amazing that you are supporting many people around the world by buying a cup of coffee? 

La colada

Our special treat is a coffee to share energy with friends. La colada originated in Cuba, and our recipe is powerful. 

We believe it’s an ancestral ritual where a group of friends come together and share mini cups of this extravagant elixir filled with culture.

Usually, a batch of colada is made, and friends serve it in small plastic shot glasses (or tacitas). You are supposed to enjoy it together. 

It’s from the south but possesses hints of the Caribbean sea, and in every sip, you get to taste home, wherever it is for you. 

People used to make it with regular milk, but our favorite is with oatmeal milk. 

You can get it cortado, latte, cappuccino, and flat white.

And now, as our gift to you, check out this colada recipe that you can make at home:


  • Stovetop espresso maker
  • measuring cup
  • Ground espresso (Cuban is better, of course)
  • 4 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • Small whisk


  • Fill your espresso maker with water and ground espresso. Keep it brewing.
  • Add the sugar to the measuring cup and add a few drops of espresso to the cup. 
  • While the espresso is still brewing, whisk the sugar and espresso mixture vigorously until it turns into a pale foam. It has to be a bit thick. This is how you make la cremita.
  • Once the espresso is brewed, pour it into the cup with the sugar foam and slowly combine it. 
  • Serve your cafecito in your tacitas.

We love to add a bit of milk, but it’s up to you! 


You are welcome to come and make it home

In the end, our main goal is to have a good time! 

Come to I Think She Is and try everything we have to offer, from bowls to sandwiches and of course, cafecitos. 

Take a look at our menu and pick your next treat.


We would love to have you here, but you can always order online if you can’t come.

Like our owner likes to say, ITSI is like a magical room with endless things to explore. So many that you will keep coming back to find them all.


Welcome to Gaspard, an online haven for true coffee lovers.